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Photo Books At Snapfish

At Snapfish you the get the option of making your own photo book. You can go ahead and upload the pictures that you want to and then you can do the designing of the photo book on your own. You will have many preset designs that will be available in the design area for you to choose from. You can also edit the designs and the text in the photo book and get one printed to save as memories. Photo books can be printed in soft cover or hard cover versions and the usual sizes are 8"x11", 8"x8", 2"x3", 12"x12" and 5"x7".

Collage Gifts At Snapfish

A collage is a great way to capture many moments in life in a single page and there is a lot of interest being shown in collages in the recent years. This is why Snapfish have collage gifts that you can design and give it as a gift to your loved ones, friends or family. You can opt for a collage poster, a collage mug, a collage canvas print, a collage mouse pad, a collage magic mug, simple collage prints or a collage calendar to give as a gift and with you picking the photos and the design you can make it personalized.

Calendars At Snapfish

The importance of a calendar is something that is very well known. It is something that you will find on the desk of every table and is vital for being aware of the date and to also help in planning. Snapfish gives you the option to add your own favorite pictures in the calendar and there are three main types of calendars that they offer. The landscape desktop calendar, the collage calendar and the recently introduced portrait desktop calendar are the options that are available to you. There are 12 background styles and 5 photo layouts for youth o choose from while designing your calendar.

Canvas Prints At Snapfish

At Snapfish you have the options of printing your photos on canvas and you can opt for a single photo or go for a collage. Rectangle canvas prints, square canvas prints, collage canvas prints, long rectangle canvas prints and mini canvas prints are some of the types of canvas prints that are available for you to choose from. You also have a lot of different sizes in each of the type except for the mini canvas print that is 6"x6" and the long rectangle canvas print which is 12"x24"