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Papa John's - An Overview

Papa John's Pizza is the third largest pizza takeaway and delivery company in the United States. The company aims at providing better ingredients with better pizzas. The company boasts of of approximately 3200 stores and outlets which are located all over the world and in all 50 states of the United States of America. The company has also managed to expand its reach to places such as Amman in Jordan. The biggest advantage of the company is its quality policy which not only aims at serving better quality pizzas but also providing the maximum customer satisfaction.

The Papa John's Franchisee Policy

Papa John's goes out of its way as a parent company to help out its franchises and dealers which are located all over the world. Not only are these franchises relatively simple to get, but the net worth requirement and the royalty is also vert standard. The various services provided to its franchises include Operations Specialists, Regional Marketing Directors and Franchise Business Directors, all of whom try and support franchises to evolve into larger outlets and enhance sales. The company also provides the essential IT systems, insurance services and Quality management systems for its franchises.

Papa John's - The Online Ordering Systems

Papa John's has a great system for ordering pizza online wherein one can order their favorite pizzas from the online menus at the click of just a few buttons and then either pay for their orders online itself or upon delivery. The biggest advantage of this system is that the company promises extremely efficient deliveries either by takeaways or by home deliveries. Users can simply order for their favorite pizzas and get it delivered right at their doorsteps within a very short period of time.

Papa John's - The Original Hand Tossed Crust

Papa John's believes that the best pizzas are made bottom up. This is one of the main reasons they lay too much of stress on creating the perfect dough for their pizzas. The company uses the finest ingredients along with flour which is very high in protein and filtered water to prepare its dough. This dough is always delivered to all outlets fresh and is never frozen to maintain its quality and to ensure that it stays fresh until it can be baked to perfection. This extra love and care in making the dough ensures a very light and fluffy crust which is savored by all customers.

Papa John's Uses An All Natural Sauce To Enhance Its Pizza Quality

Located somewhere in the myriad of toppings in the pizzas is the completely natural sauce specially made by Papa John's for its pizzas. This sauce is made from tomatoes which are grown in the rich and fertile valleys of the state of California and only the ripest tomatoes are selected to make this sauce. The sauce is made within hours of the picking of tomatoes which ensures that the quality always stays fresh. The company further adds its unique blend of spices and completely natural ingredients to give the sauce a flavor which leaves people licking their fingers.