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Kobo Ebooks

The library of eBooks that is present in Kobo is exhaustive and they have been able to cover much of the popular books that are in the market today. EBooks are cheaper than printed books and the most important advantage is that you can have an eBook reader which can save more eBooks than you can imagine. So if you are a person who likes to read, get an eBook reader and go to the site to select from a whole host of eBooks to keep you busy reading for the rest of your life.

Kobo Ereader

A good eReader is necessary to ensure that you are able to read the eBooks that you are fond of. So kobo who were specializing in eBooks decided to venture into eBook readers. This was a great initiative by the company as they gave away some free eBooks along with the eReaders and they were able to create faster downloading and search functions connected to the kobo site. There are four different types of eReaders available in the website that you can pick according to you requirement or your budget. The eReaders have received great customer reviews and therefore will be a good investment if you are an avid reader.

Kobo Free Apps

Kobo had plans to ensure that they are catering to people who always preferred reading and therefore they decided to make sure that applications of the site was available in all leading phone platforms across the globe. Their apps are available for Iphones, Ipads, Android phones, Mac, PC and are planning to introduce an app for Blackberry in the near future. These apps are free and they will allow you to connect to their site to enable downloading of eBooks that you can read whenever you want to.

Kobo E-gift

A Kobo e-Gift card is a great gift to people who are avid readers as the eGift card is nothing but a voucher that can be used at the site to redeem for eBooks. eGift cards are available from $10 to $100 and you voucher gets delivered to the recipient in the form of a card with a personal message in the card. You have the option of sending the eGift immediately or you can specify the date that you want the eCard to be delivered on. This will definitely be a gift that any person who likes reading and you can be assured of the fact that the gift will not go to waste.