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Barnes And Noble - One Such Bookstore

While every city has a unique bookstore that it has treasured through the ages, it surely takes a lot of effort to preserve a bookstore that has become a part of the history of a city or of the nation even. Barnes and Noble is one such bookstore. It is a retailer of books in the US and it operates through the name Barnes and Nobles Booksellers chain which originated at the 122 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York City. Before it used to operate in the form of small bookstores in malls which has now been liquidated. The company is distinguished by the upscale and large retail outlets that it boasts of in many cities of the US. Many of the retail outlets have cafes housed in them where Starbucks serves coffee for the book lovers who can browse through books and sip their coffee at ease. Many stores of this company even sell magazines, DVDs, graphic novels, newspapers, names, music and gifts.

Widespread Presence Of Barnes And Noble

The bookstore company Barnes and Noble has over 600 stores spread all across the fifty states of the US. There are over six hundred bookstores of the company housed in college campuses that help the student community at large.

History Of Barnes And Noble

The company Barnes and Noble have a long and rich history behind it. It originated as far back as in the late 19th century. It started off as the Authur Hinds & Company which was located behind the Cooper Union building in New York. Gilbert Clifford Noble was a graduate of Harvard who was hired to work there as a clerk. In less than a decade he became a partner of the shop and he changed the name to Hinds & Noble. In 1917, as Noble bought out the shares of the Hinds he entered into a partnership with William Barnes. Thus, the present day name of the company came into being.

How Barnes And Noble Survived The Decades

In the thirties the Barnes and Noble company moved the shop to its present day address. That was amidst the Great Depression. At that time the Noble family retained the ownership of the publishing business. After William Barnes died in the forties his son assumed full control. The company expanded its operations in the fifties and the sixties. Before the seventies began John Barnes died and the conglomerate Amtel took over.

Barnes And Noble Comes Into The Modern Era

The Barnes and Noble company suffered in the seventies but from the eighties to the nineties it started expanding further. It experimented with many business models. It started opening stores in college campuses. It started operating through smaller chains in malls. Toward the end of the nineties the company opened its website and today it sells directly to many customers through mail order catalogues. The modern cafes in the US bookstores attract many fans and book lovers who love the ambience of simply sitting there and working, reading and gathering knowledge that they seek and pursue.